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Summer Classes


Introduction to Coding ** 

July 17 - July 28 (M-F), 9:00-noon, ½ credit, Grades 9-12 -- $375
Instructor: Ms. Glass

Learn the basics of how computer programs work -- even if you’ve never done any programming before. Students in this hands-on course will use online coding tools like MIT’s Scratch to learn programming concepts in an interactive environment. Students will learn the fundamental computational thinking concepts, including event sequencing, parallelism, loops, conditional statements, mathematical and logical operators, using variables, and debugging code. Students explore sample programs, solve problems, and complete challenging projects.



Writing the College Application Essay

Rising Seniors (Class of 2024) -- $275
August 7 - August 10
Session 1: 9:00-11:00 a.m. (limit 12 students)
Session 2: 2:30-2:30 p.m. (limit 12 students)
Instructor: Ms. Glass

This four-day course allows rising seniors the opportunity to take the time to formulate and reflect upon one of the most significant pieces of writing they will produce as a high school student. What better time to formulate an essay without the pressure of an early action or early decision deadline looming. Your transcript and resume provide college admissions officers with all of your stats -- GPA, classes, clubs, awards, etc. -- but how do they find out about you? This workshop will assist you in writing an essay which reflects your own unique story.  We'll work on mechanics (grammar, sentence structure, proofreading!) but focus on the content of what you have to say.  Write an essay that makes a lasting impression -- of you!

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** Qualifies for Academic Credit at 足球外围买球靠谱平台